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Cong was one of my best students. In all the fifteen years that I have known him, he never for a single moment gave up his pursuit for his artistic goals. By being industrious and meticulous in his studies, he has laid a solid foundation in artistic skills and achieved a sound understanding of Chinese art theories. His marvelous talent is evident in the unique styles in his paintings, which has won for him a prominent place among China's contemporary young artists. 


For ten years, he went to almost all the corners of China to visit museums and sites of artistic heritages.  These visits greatly enhanced his comprehension of traditional Chinese art in painting, grave fresco, sculpture, architecture and folk arts. I am very proud to have had such a student so devoted to his artistic research.


His paintings are organic integrations of traditional art, nature, and his own self. Full of life, vivid, and highly impressive, his works are a true reflection of his capacity in composition, his power, and desire of creation. Mr. Cong has also studied thoroughly the theories of Chinese history, Chinese philosophy and Chinese art history.  All of this, and his personal experience from his on-the-spot investigation of ancient art gradually formed his own artistic and theoretical views. His features of the classical Chinese painting from the point of view of the traditional Chinese aesthetics and philosophy was highly praised and appreciated by experts throughout the nation.


Mr. Cong is an honest and open-minded person who is easy to get along with.  In his teaching and his work as assistant director of the department, he demonstrated his strong sense of responsibility, remarkable teaching skills and excellent organizing ability.


Having studied now in the United States for four years, Mr. Cong has greatly furthered his understanding of Western art. I strongly believe that, he will make significant contributions to the communication, mutual enrichment and comparative studies between the two art traditions of East and West.

Dayu Chen

September 10, 1992


Hand-written recommendation letter from Chinese master, Dayu Chen.


Dayu Chen (1912-2001), a great Chinese art master, is renowned for his paintings of flowers and birds executed in the impressionistic freehand style, as well as for his landscape painting and his works in calligraphy and seal carving.  He was an Emeritus Professor and an Honorary Chair of Art Department in Nanjing Arts Institute.