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Solo Exhibition of Zhiyuan Cong at The National Museum of China, Beijing, 2015. 


The site of the exhibition 

VIP guests at the opening ceremony at the National Museum of China, 2015. 

Opening ceremony of the exhibition at The National Museum of China. 

Mr. Jinhua Li, the former Vice Chairman of the Chinese people's political consultative conference attended the opening ceremony and talked with the artist. 

Mr. Wei Ding, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture of China; Mr. Lyusheng Chen, deputy director of the National Museum of China visiting solo exhibition of Zhiyuan Cong on 2015.  

The National Museum of China held the symposium of art works by Zhiyuan Cong. 

2015      A Long Journey through the Art: Zhiyuan Cong Art Collections, the Nantong                Central Art Museum of China.

              Journey Long and Long Journey: Zhiyuan Cong Art Exhibition, National                        Museum of China , Beijing, China. 

2014      Zhiyuan Cong: Printmaking, the Folio Gallery of the School of Art, Texas                      Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

2013      The Rhythm of the East, Art Exhibition by Zhiyuan Cong. Riverside Gallery,                  Hackensack, NJ.

2012      Zhiyuan Cong: Chinese Art Exhibition, the Louis Bay 2nd Library &                                Community Center in Hawthorne, NJ.                                                              2008     In the Mind of an Artist: Printmaking Works by Zhiyuan Cong, Nantong                        Museum, Nantong, China.

2006     Zhiyuan Cong: Art Exhibition. The Butler Institute of American Art, OH.

2005     The 9.11 Series Art Exhibition by Zhiyuan Cong, The Rose Marie Smith                          Gallery, Youngstown State University, OH.                                

2003     Beyond East and West --Art Works by Zhiyuan Cong, United Nation, NYC,                    NY.

              Zhiyuan Cong: Crossroads, Prints, Paintings and Western Influences.                            Myhelan Cultural Arts Center, NJ.

2002     Nature and Spirit: Works by Zhiyuan Cong, Art Gallery, East- West Center,                    Honolulu, HI.

2000     Art of Zhiyuan Cong, Fine Arts Gallery, St. John's University, New York City.

1999      Art Exhibition of Zhiyuan Cong, McDonough Museum of Art, Youngstown                    State University, OH.

1998      Zhiyuan Cong Printmaking Works Exhibition, Qinghai Provincial Museum,                    Xining, China. 

1997      Zhiyuan Cong: An Honest Bridge, Bergen Museum of Art and Since, NJ.

1996      Nature and Sprit: Zhiyuan Cong, Elizabeth Wang Gallery, New York City.

              Nature and Inspiration, Art Exhibition of Zhiyuan Cong, Lane Community                      College, Eugene, OR. 

1995      Art Works by Zhiyuan Cong, Ben Shahn Art Galleries, WPUNJ. 

              Best in Show Award Exhibition, Art Gallery, The Printmaking Council of NJ.

1993      MFA These Exhibition, Indiana University Art Museum, IN.

1992      Exhibition of Copies of Mural Painting of Yongle Palace, Indianapolis                            Museum of Art, IN.

              Landscape Painting by Zhiyuan Cong, The John Waldron Arts Center                          Gallery, Bloomington Area Arts Council, IN.  

1991       Art Exhibition by Zhiyuan Cong, Hindman Designer Gallery, Indianapolis, IN.

1990      Art Exhibition of Zhiyuan Cong, the First Presbyterian Church, Columbus, IN.

1989      Art Work by Zhiyuan Cong, CCAC Gallery, Indian University, Bloomington,                    IN.

1986      Exhibition of Chinese Painting by Zhiyuan Cong, Fine Arts Gallery, Nanjing                  Arts Institute, China.