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Transcending Boundaries

Cong, Zhiyuan. Chief Editor and Essay Contributor. Transcending Boundaries: The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University. Beijing, 2019.

Journey Long Cover.jpg

Journey Long and Long Journeys

Cong, Zhiyuan. Journey Long and Long Journeys: Zhiyuan Cong Art Exhibition. National Museum of China, Beijing, 2015.

QiBaishi Cover.jpg

Qi Baishi: The Soul of Chinese Painting

Cong, Zhiyuan. Qi Baishi: The Soul of Chinese Painting. William Paterson University, Wayne, 2010. 

Bluefilm Cover.jpg

Imprint of Times: Blue Film Etching

Cong, Zhiyuan, Dawn Chen-pong and Liu, His-chuan. Imprint of Times: Blue Film Etching. Taipei National Arts University Press, Taipei, China. July, 2007.

Ambassador Cover.jpg

An Admirable Art Ambassador

Cong, Zhiyuan. Zhiyuan Cong: An Admirable Art Ambassador. Edicoes Macau Limitada, Macau, 2005.